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Loved the atmosphere of this game. A post-pandemic society, plus the nature of the plot is like grief meets sorrow yet somehow based on the options I made it feels like a touch of hope thrown in. Simple game, deep everything else! Well done! 

Hi Jar Red

Thanks for playing through Erica's Game and for making the video. I am glad that you enjoyed it. 



This was a really simple yet impactful short game. It was heartwarming slightly also. I almost wanted to give a go and refuse everything a second go around to see if that would change anything. But I liked the ending I got and didn't want it to change. I hope you make more games in the future!

Thanks for playing through Erica's Home and making the video. Thanks also for your sensitive comments and encouragement. 

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Erica?..... Are you okay?....

Hi Totem Gamers

Thanks so much for taking the time to play through Erica's Home and especially for creating the video and sharing your experience. Your encouragement means a lot.